Matthews Fan Company Celebrates 22 Years of Innovation

Matthews Fan Company Duplo Ceiling Fan

Matthews Fan Company celebrates 22 years of offering unique ceiling fans, wall fans and portable fans. Their contemporary designs and quality offer uncommon decorative elements for both residential and commercial projects. Matthews Fans specializes in unique bi-directional ceiling fans, which rotate along a horizontal axis as the dual motor heads spin. The high velocity of the spinning heads move more air movement than conventional fans.

Matthews Fan Company Jarold Directional Ceiling Fan

Matthews Fans use American made heavy duty ball bearing motors that deliver strong air movement. Designed in Brazil and warehoused in Illinois, Matthews Fan Company proudly assimilates American labor and components into all of their products. They are great for indoors and outdoor use. These retro contemporary designs feature a limited lifetime warranty and are UL approved, and never wobble, as their axial rotation is regulated by an elaborate centrifugal braking mechanism.

Some of Matthews Fans better known collections are the Ar Ruthaine, Duplo Dinamico and Vent Bettina. The metallic look and smooth lines, single-head and dual motor designs are offered with your choice of metal and wood blades. At a recent event to the trade, Matthews Fan Company introduced their new C-IV 2 blades ceiling fan. This sleek design features a spherical shaped body with a build in light. The unique 2 blades design fits over the housing in a smooth, curved motion, that appears to be simply one continuous blade. This is another ingenious first from Matthews Fan Company due out later this season.

Atlas Fans/Matthews Fan Co. Irene5 5 Blade Ceiling Fan

Check out all the latest styles from Matthews Fan Company and their sister company Atlas Fan Company, including the new Bubble Fan and Iren 3 and Irene 5 series models now available at

Elan Lighting Updates Existing Collections with Dimmable LED Lights

We’re excited to announce that many of the Elan Lighting collections are now available with dimmable LED lighting. Below are some of the lighting fixtures that have been updated. 

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Sirkus 83409 - dimmable LED Pendant Light
(replaces the Sirkus 83031)

Elan Lighting Sirkus 83409 LED Pendant Light Fixture

Acrobatic performers have a grace and precision that defies the imagination. An art form in itself, Sirkus draws inspiration from these gravity-defying magicians. Each ring along a central column pivots and dances to your cue, helping you create your own unique sculpture.

Sirkus 83407/83427 - dimmable LED semi flush-mount ceiling fixture
(replaces the Sirkus 83029)

Elan Lighting Sirkus 83407/83427 LED Semi Flush-Mount Ceiling Fixutre

Colson 83459 - dimmable LED suspension light
(replaces the Colson 83219)

Elan Lighting Colson 83459 LED Suspension Light (replaces Colson 83219)

Allos 83406/83426 – dimmable LED Chandelier
(replaces the Allos 83019)

Elan Lighting Allos 83406/83426 dimmable LED chandelier (replaces the 83019)

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SLV Lighting Rusty Collection Available Now

SLV Lighting Rusty Slot 50 available at

The idea behind our Rusty lamp was to connect the natural aspect of a controlled surface rusting with modern energy saving technology in a very strong light fixture. All lamps of the Rusty range are made of cast FeCSi-steel and are extremely weather proof. In outdoor applications the special steel alloy forms a barrier layer of iron oxide (rust), which protects the material core from infiltration of dampness and oxidation essentially arresting the process. Individual deviations in form and surface are intended with the Rusty lamps.

Rusting is a natural process; type and color of the outer oxidation layer can, depending on location and influence of weather, develop differently and thereby enhance the sensual attractiveness of this lamp. Rusty lamps materialize a bit of liveliness and individuality with time.

While the appearance of the round Rusty lamps recreates harbor bollards, the Rusty Square builds a ­visual relation to classical Japanese garden architecture. This relationship is not by coincidence, in Japan, the cultivation and aesthetic of perishability has an especially long tradition. The Rusty Slot, will develop an appearance unique and specific to its environment as it ages. This dynamic process is a suitable metaphor for this ancient Japanese style.

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Quattro by Sonneman,Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Dad’s and Grad’s, Now Available At

Sonneman Lighting Quattro for Dad's and Grad's at is excited to offer Quattro, the new premium standard in LED flat panel technology in portable lighting, designed by Robert Sonneman and Peter Polick for the Sonneman A Way Of Light brand. “The high tech, glare free light output, using advanced flat panel LED technology, provides more focused light on what you want to see,” notes Susan Inderbinen President of As a task lamp, Quattro’s efficient, usable surface brightness is measured in terms of lux/lumen output. High Lux from lower lumens equals more usable, and less wasted light. Along with design innovation, Quattro is also remarkeably energy efficeint, producing 25% more Lux from 25% less power than conventional LED task lamps. Quattro is poised to the perfection of pure geometry and mechanical innovation. The three light levels, high 100%, mid range 60% and low level at 20%, features 3000K warm white color temperature to maximize the comfort and usefulness of the light at each level. The illuminated touch-sensor dimming control, conveniently located on top of the flat panel shade, makes it so easy to use.

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Trend Lighting Collection now on Sale. Save 10% thru June 2nd

Trend Lighting Collection now on sale! Save 10% until June 2nd.

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Trend Lighting A800026_25_Tspirale_chandelier

Trend Lighting Gustavian TT4200-26 Table Lamp

Trend Lighting Mid Arc TFA8005 Floor Lamp

Trend Lighting Scope TP4386 Mini Pendant

About Trend
Trend Lighting set out with the simple vision of providing the lighting industry with the finest made products available on the market — a line of products that reflects the passion and pride of everyone at TREND that would bring years of satisfaction and enjoyment to each and every one of our customers.

Trend products are found on nearly every continent in the world, and we continue to stand behind the integrity and commitment to serve our customers well into the future.

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Smart and Green LED Outdoor Lights Save 10% til 4/30

Spruce up your outdoor space with waterproof color changing LED lights and save 10% until April 30th!

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smart and green LED Lights

smart and green LED Lights

smart and green LED Lights

smart and green LED Lights

About Smart and Green
Our innovative products are based on LED technology and make the best possible use of this potential: strong resistance to impacts, smart management of light and low energy consumption. Designed to follow you everywhere, Smart & Green lights are cordless and rechargeable. So they help you care for the environment. And you can use their clean lines and bright, colorful light to create the moods that you’re looking for.

The key to Smart & Green innovation lies in this innovative concept: the first cordless bulb. This autonomous light module can be integrated in a unique way to light up the object of your choice while providing freedom and respect for the environment. Choose the shape of your light, its functions and accessories such as a remote control and you’re ready to light up!

Save up to 40% on Illuminating Experiences, LeKlint, Nemo, DeMajo & Oty

Illuminating Experiences is one of the premiere distributors and manufacturers of contemporary and traditional high-end, high-quality lighting fixtures of excellent value for the architectural and retail sectors. For more than 30 years, Illuminating Experiences has imported and distributed creative and innovative European lighting fixtures to the U.S. market.
As the exclusive distributor of Nemo, Le Klint, Oty, DeMajo, Illuminating Experiences offers a rich array of European products.

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