New Vibrant Italian LED Lighting from Slamp, Scientifically Engineered Designs Now Available

SLAMP Italian LED is excited to re-launch Slamp, fresh, forward thinking, contemporary Italian lighting, back to the US market. “When my husband and I moved from Europe to America in 1998, we started our lighting business by importing Slamp ourselves”, noted Susan Inderbinen President of In the late 90’s what made Slamp right for the US market was a unique, lightweight material that offered style and elegance. In the past 20 years, Slamp has evolved to become a worldwide brand that represents an Italian philosophy of light, which is also the Italian philosophy of life, Passion. At Slamp, lighting design is fashion. As with fine textiles, the objective is to take a 2 dimensional material, and make it appear three dimensional. Using sheets of scientifically engineered surface material that possess a playful presence, this material is cut, folded, perforated and shaped to appear ever-changing from different perspectives. Using the raw material of light, Slamp’s colors and shapes, character and charm, dress an entire space in halogen or LED lighting.

Founded in 1994 by former fashion show designer Robert Ziliani. Slamp mixes a variety of styles to create sophisticated contemporary lighting. The “pearl effect” color treatment ofSlamp is made entirely with an innovative digital printing process, using high-performance, non toxic, UV resistant ink, applied with a particular angle of incidence. Opalflex is a registered and patented recyclable material, luminous, with a glass-like appearance, but versatile like plastic. Cristalflex is another Slamp exclusive material, transparent and brilliant as glass. Technical knowledge along with manual skill and craftsmanship are a requirement in producing each piece in a series, that look like they were custom made. Only Italian companies possess such passion to enable multiple-produced fixtures look unique. Light is an essential element in human life.It has the ability to generate emotion, reproduce stage effects, recall brilliance and outstanding natural beauty, within an intimate, personal space.

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VIbrant Italian LED Lighting from Slamp, Culture and Passion Meets

“When my husband and I moved to America in 1998, we introduced the US market to Slamp. Most consumers are unaware of the logistics to bring lighting products into the US. At the time, smaller European companies could not easily operate in the United States. The only way many of the early Italian brands gained a foothold in the US market, was when lighting entrepreneurs took a chance on gut instinct, to navigate the path of importing products directly themselves. If their instincts are correct, the product becomes a success. As demand grew for Slamp, they were able to contract with a national distributor to stock their goods in the US. As the brand acceptance was successfully adopted in major markets, Slamp was able to set up its own warehouse and headquarter operation in the United States. Slamp is now very selective on who represents their brand. Only those retail stores and online shops who understand, appreciate, foster and champion the brand, can offer Slamp to their customers. I’m proud of our 17 year relationship with Slamp and the magical brand they have become, noted Susan”.


At, our mission is to offer the finest energy efficient contemporary lighting and light fixtures from around the world. We have assembled an exciting collection of the industry’s most innovative decorative and architectural lighting.We are proud to offer lighting solutions for both your home and work-life environments. Simplicity in design is complicated, function makes it last. Be inspired by our range of essential designs from well respected American and European manufacturers. In today’s world, energy efficient lighting is as important as eco-friendly or green lighting fixtures, such as LED or CFL lighting. We offer the very best energy efficient lighting and light fixtures, both high value LED lighting fixtures and CFL lighting fixtures in modern and contemporary styles that provide quality, innovation and authenticity.

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Lighting by Hubbardton Forge Blends Old Time Tradition with LED Technology, Now Available at

Hubbardton Forge LED contemporary is pleased to offer the beauty and charm of hand forged iron LED lighting from Hubbardton Forge. “Manufacturing in the United States is a tradition that is still alive and well in Castleton, Vermont as evident by the traditional methods employed by Hubbardton Forge”, noted Susan Inderbinen President of At Hubbardton Forge, innovation is at the forefront. The company culture is to explore new possibilities, reaching beyond what is comfortable, to deliver something extra. By pushing the boundaries of hand forged iron, Hubbardton Forge continues the process of evolution. The collaboration of talented designers, engineers and craftspeople pursuing new design opportunities is what this company is all about. It takes the entire company’s efforts, over 200 employees in Vermont, from design through engineering, tooling and production, to deliver new designs which are proudlymade in the USA. Designs are inspired by the organic nature of iron, the warmth and character of the finished metal is the preferred design intent of the products. The best-in-class manufacturing process ensures quality lighting products that have a limited lifetime warranty.

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Blackjack Lighting Triple Tria is Now Available

Blackjack Lighting Triple Tria LED Multi-Light Linear Pendant now available at LightKulture

The new Blackjack Lighting Tria Triple LED pendant lamp features a trio of LED pendants that hang from a single canopy for bright, dimmable LED illumination over linear spaces.

Each edge-lit panel is constructed with three layers: a custom optical lens in the middle, a highly reflective rear surface and an ultra thin extraction lens in front.

Two easily adjustable thin black cords suspend the fixture from 10” to 72” from ceiling.

Manufacturer: Blackjack Lighting
Size: 6 in. height x 10 – 72 in. adjustable height x 38 in. base length x 1.5 in. base depth
Light Source: 23W LED [3000K, 83 CRI] – included
Certifications: ETL
Dimmable: with TRIAC dimmer
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Pre-Order New Blackjack Lighting Starburst in Brushed Brass Finish

We’re pleased to announce the popular modern “Starburst” LED Chandelier by Blackjack Lighting is now available for pre-order in brushed brass. This fixture is estimated to ship this September, 2015.

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Blackjack Lighting Starburst Brushed Brass LED Chandelier

About the Blackjack Lighting Starburst

Blackjack Lighting Starbust LED Chandelier features 24 light starburst and available now in polished chrome finish and new for 2015 brushed brass finis (Available to ship Sep. 2015).

Laser-cut frosted light guides take decorative LED lighting in a beautiful new direction.

All sparkle and sharp angles, the dimmable Starburst chandelier fits into a variety of applications once dominated by incandescent fixtures. This high-tech interpretation breaks new ground with innovative optical light guides and replaceable LED modules.

Manufacturer: Blackjack Lighting

Size: 29 in. diameter x 19.9 in. shade height x 57.7 in. max overall height (includes 42 in. max adjustable stem kit)

Light Source: 24 x 1.2W (28.9W Total) / 120V replaceable G4 bi-pin LED [1990 lumens, 3000K color temp., CRI 80] – included

Certifications: ETL

Dimmable w/ TRIAC dimmer or universal dimmer

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Holtkotter Introduces The New Plano LED Torchiere. Turning A Classic Upside Down, Now Available

Holtkotter Plano LED Torchiere Floor Lamp Now a leading e-commerce supplier known for innovative contemporary LED lighting is pleased to offer the new Plano and Platz series by Holtkotter. “We are very excited to feature this refreshing new look in LED torchiere floor lamps from Holtkotter”, noted Susan Inderbinen President of Holtkotter is known for well made high-output LED torchieres and otherdimmable LED floor lamps for reading. Mr Holtkotter himself designed the first all-in-one ambient light of a torchiere, combined with an adjustable task lamp for reading, together in one space saving design. These new LED torchieres take that concept and turns it upside down. The original design concept featured a free standing uplight with an attached reading lamp at the base. The round Plano series, and the square companion Platz, offer an articulating 22” reading lamp that attaches from the bottom of the uplight. This new way of thinking allows for a greater range of motion for convenience in task lighting. It looks as smart as it performs.

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Roland Simmons Lighting now available

Roland Simmons Collection is now available!

We’re please to announce Roland Simmons Lighting is now available at –

By combining revolutionary materials with award-winning designs, Interfold produces exquisite light sculptures, imagined and developed by Roland Simmons. Interfold, Inc. is based in Cowley, Wyoming, among the lofty mountain ranges of world-renowned Yellowstone National Park.

Roland Simmons Kalon Floor Lamp

Kalon Floor Lamp

Within this pristine and majestic environment, Roland Simmons has designed and produced lamps for over 30 years. Interfold has an established reputation for the highest quality products backed by superior customer service—unique to the lighting industry.

Each lamp is prepared and packaged with great effort and care. Our products are guaranteed in quality and authenticity, ensuring that every lamp is a genuine artistic creation of Roland Simmons.

Roland Simmons Trovato Diamond Floor Lamp

Trovato Diamond Floor Lamp

About Roland Simmons

With the necessary monies in the bank to sustain living expenses for 6 months, Roland Simmons left his job as an industrial designer in the San Francisco Bay Area. With the drive to succeed and the willingness to fail, Roland Simmons set out to become one of today’s most innovative and respectable designers.

Within a vacant, neighboring apartment in his complex, Roland began to discover the possibilities of constructing contemporary art and lighting out of single faced corrugated parchment. One of his early designs was sought for and distributed by the respectable George Kovacs. The piece was named the “Mummy Lamp”.

Since 1976, Roland Simmons has been designing and constructing contemporary lighting. His innovative designs have received numerous awards and recognition around the globe. Now, based in Cowley, Wyoming, among the towering mountains of Yellowstone National Park, Roland continues to design and hand cut every piece that leaves the factory. The company, Interfold, Inc., is family owned and operated.

Roland Simmons Kalon KL Pendant Lamps

Kalon KL Pendant Lamp

Today, these pieces are known as the Roland Simmons Lumalights. They are found all over the world. Each Lumalight comes with Roland’s personal signature guarantee of authenticity and quality. Where there is Light, there can be no darkness. We invite you to enjoy one of our creations in your home.

“The Lumalight . . . A Sculpture by Day . . . A Lamp by Night”

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Vita Lighting EOS Goose Feather Pendants

Vita Lighting EOS Goose Feather Pendant Lamp
Vita Lighting Eos pendant lamp features goose feathers and paper material. All fixtures are CUL approved and fire resistant. Easily cleaned with hair dryer. Available with white or light brown feathers. Also available with a black or white canopy.

Environmental Factors
Vita Lighting uses efficient flat packaging, re-cycled materials and repurposing of by-products. The latter is the case of our goose feathers used for our popular VITA EOS feather lamps. All feathers used are a by-product of the food industry. Goose feathers that would otherwise be burned are instead sanitized and repurposed thus diminishing the environmental impact. NONE of our goose feathers are derived from live or mistreated geese. VITA is required by law, and all major retailers around the world, to document the origin and proper handling of all geese and feathers.

Modern Fan Company Introduces 3 New Models To Beat The Heat With Style, Now Available at

Modern Fan Company Introduces the New Flow, Torsion & is ready for the summer with 3 new models from The Modern Fan Company.” The Modern Fan Company is the original source for contemporary ceiling fans, producing the most complete collection of modern ceiling fans available”, noted Susan Inderbinen President of WIth the introduction of The Modern Fan Company Flow, Torsion and Solus, designer Ron Rezek continues his legacy of creating products that are technically and artfully appealing. These fans will be as relevant years from now as they are today. The simple geometric forms and contemporary metal and painted finishes, with choice of wooden blade, are intended to meet the needs of the professional specifier and the design-minded homeowner. Modern Fan Company continues to infuse the ceiling fan with creativity and pragmatic approach to design. Selecting the right fan takes into account a number of factors such as ceiling height, blade diameter, lighting, controls, and the slope of the ceiling for the best performance inside and out. All Modern Fan Company fans are damp rated ceiling fans, none are intended for wet locations.

The Flow fan is a clean, streamline 3 bladed fan with optional light kit. Available in gloss white or matte nickel, this 52” blade diameter moves 6631 cfm’s (cubic feet of air per minute), in many cases, 3 bladed fans move more air than 4 or 5 blade fans. With 3 blade colors to choose from, white, nickel or bamboo, and light kit options in halogen or fluorescent, Flow makes a cool statement in any room. This fan offers an optional in-wall or hand held remote. Another new 3 bladedceiling fan with light option is the Torsion. With 6247 cfm’s this model comes in white, bright nickel and dark bronze with optional blade finishes and sizes from 42”-62”. The optional light kit styles are available in halogen or fluorescent and optional hand held remote or in-wall control. The new Solus fan with 5848 cfm’s, is the only 5 blade introduction this year. Available in gloss white or aluminum, with choice of halogen or fluorescent light kits, the 3 blade finishes; white, aluminum or maple, allow the professional designer or homeowner a number of choices to create a personal expression of style.

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Modern Fan Company Introduces 3 New Models to Beat The Heat With Style, Now Available at

“I have a soft spot in my heart for ceiling fans. The comfort and energy savings of adding a ceiling fan into your life is much easier than you think. While using a professional installer is recommend, those who are handy can easily install any Modern Fan Company fan on a standard 8’ ceiling yourself with a step-stool and a screw driver. The clean lines, scale and attention to detail of Ron Rezek ceiling fans by The Modern Fan Company enable their use in hotels, restaurants, corporate offices, retail stores and homes like yours. Every Modern Fan is suitable for damp location. The intensity of outdoor environments will have an impact on the finishes. While you can expect years of trouble free performance, many factors must be considered when selecting a fan for damp location. Whether used indoors or out, selecting a Modern Fan model will add crisp contemporary style to your loft, bedroom, family room, patio or any public space. We enjoy selling The Modern Fan because they have been trouble free, right out of the box,” noted Susan. Continue reading Modern Fan Company Introduces 3 New Models To Beat The Heat With Style, Now Available at

Koncept Mosso Pro LED Floor Lamp. Now Available!

Koncept Mosso Pro LED Floor Lamp with USB Charging Port

For many the Koncept Mosso Pro LED floor lamp is finally here!! With the huge success of their LED Desk Light version it was only natural to release the all new floor light including many of the features customers have come to love about the Mosso Pro.

Delivering a phenomenal 99 lumens per watt efficiency, Mosso Pro changes light colors from warm to cool and anything in between. An intuitive built-in touchstrip allows for effortless continuous dimming. Built-in occupancy sensor ensures no energy is wasted lighting up a vacant desk or reading area. For smart phone enthusiasts, Mosso Pro comes standard with a USB port. With the Mosso Pro floor lamp, anything is possible.

When our designers created the Mosso Pro Floor model, they knew the built-in touchstrip, tunable color capabilities, USB Charging Port, continuous dimming, and other unique features of the desk lamp version needed to be incorporated into the design of the floor lamp, as well. With the same ultra-high energy efficiency, this floor lamp stands tall amongst the rest of our collection.

FlexibilityKoncept Mosso Pro Floor Lamp with USB Charing Port
Highly adjustable arms and lamp head, point your light at any angle you desire

Charge your device
Charge your phone, table, or any USB device using the built-in USB port

It feels your touch. Just slide your finger across the touch strip to dim the light

Integrated Occupancy Sensor
It senses your presence. Turns itself off after 15 minutes of inactivity and automatically resumes previous settings when you return.
This feature can be turned off with the toggle switch.

Environmental Considerations
Lamp contains 38% pre-consumer recycled material by weight
Aluminum housing is fully recyclable
All color finishes use water-based paint
FSC certified packaging
Low power consumption (<10 watts)
LEDs do not contain mercury
LEED Credit Eligibility

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